CCAFS Benchmark sites

CCAFS Regions While there are many regions in the developing world that warrant research investment in relation to climate change, agriculture and food security, as a new program, it was necessary for CCAFS to choose a few initial target regions and sites where new research activities could be initiated. The three initial focus regions are Eastern […]

“Opening the sesame” of the climate-smart village model in West Africa

The climate-smart village model is like the “sesame” in the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, full of “treasures”, which, fully exploited, will help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change and achieve food security. In this case, the treasures are neither jewellery nor gold nor diamond, but climate-smart technologies, climate information services, local […]

AgTrials helps repurpose data for adaptation research

The AgTrials database collects decades of agricultural field experiments to help understand and adapt to climate change impacts. AgTrials Fast Facts: – Routine field trials by plant and livestock breeders generate information that can boost efforts to model climate impacts and plan for adaptation. But the original data are often never published. – CCAFS created […]